How It Started


Hi, I'm so glad you're here exploring SunnyStik, the first sunscreen applicator designed with kids in mind.  

Back in 2020 when it seemed that the world was ending, parents of young kids were going stir crazy. With all of our favorite activities closed and limits on travel, we were doing all we could to escape our home bubble every so often. 

For my family, that meant spending time on the Texas coast. But, after many days at the beach with hands full of sunscreen (and sand sticking everywhere), I knew there had to be a better way.

There had to be a way to apply sunscreen to our kids’ faces without the struggle. A way that was easy, sanitary, simple, and swift. A way that was mess-free and (dare I say it) fun! 

A problem had to be solved and that’s when SunnyStik was born. Parents have enough battles during the day and applying sunscreen shouldn't be one of them.

I wanted to simplify the process for parents and make the "chore" of applying sunscreen fun for kids too. After lots of trial and error and tons of testing with my own kids, I found a design that worked.

Our patent pending connector piece easily comes apart from the handle for cleaning and replacement. This allows you to get into those tiny nose creases, under little eyes, on ears, scalps, and tops of hands - and fast! 

Suddenly, sunscreen application wasn't such a battle anymore and the time I spent doing it was cut in half. SunnyStik makes it easy to apply sunscreen swiftly, and effectively, even on the squirmiest kids. All while keeping hands sunscreen free.

I hope you find SunnyStik to be as simple, fun and fast to use as we do! 


Wishing you endless sunny smiles,

Justinia Gardiner 

SunnyStik Founder